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Ground Calcium Carbonate Powder

Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) also known as Calcite Powder, is an exceptional mineral due to its wide scope of application in various industries.

We offer high quality of calcium carbonate powder which has higher percentage of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) which ultimately means lower impurities like Silica & Iron particles in our product. Our product has high brightness, whiteness and controlled particle size to ensure high dispersion & opacity in final products of our customers. Our products have earned trust of our esteemed due to its high quality.

We offer Micronized Calcium Carbonate Powder up to 2µ (2 Micron). We also offer our customers Surface Treated (Coated) Calcium Carbonate which increases the dispersion and solubility of our products. Our product specifications are:

Calcium Carbonate as CaCO3 97% ±2
Total Carbonate 98% ±2
Silica SiO2 <1%
Iron as Fe2O3 <1%
Colour Super Snow White (Free from black grit & dirt)
Whiteness 96 ±2
Brightness 95 ±1
pH value 8-9
Bulk Density (Loose) 0.6 to 1.0 gm/ml (depending on particle size)
Particle Size Up to 2 Micron (2000 mesh Approximately)
Specific Gravity 2.7

Major Applications of Ground Calcium Carbonate are:

PP Compounding Woven Sacks Masterbatches
Other additive Masterbatches Compounding of PVC cables Color Masterbatches
Paper Thermoplastics Paints
Rigid & Flexible PU Foam Powder Coatings Ploy-vinyl floorings
Ceramics Optics & Lenses Putty
Rubber Adhesives & Sealants Microporous Films
Oil Drilling Additives Rigid & Flexible PVC Thermosets

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Whitegold Minerals has been established with the mission of providing high quality minerals to meet our customer’s requirement by continuous upgradation of our production techniques and process.

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